Saturday, August 9, 2008

Win Two Tickets to New York Magazine’s Highbrow BBQ!

On Saturday August 23rd, New York magazine is throwing a Highbrow BBQ at Solar One in Manhattan from 1 pm – 5 pm. I wish I could go, but my brother is getting married that evening down in Baltimore, so obviously I can’t go (it would be probably be a bit uncouth for me to show up late to my only sibling’s wedding). But that means that one of my lucky NYC-area readers will win a pair of tickets to what promises to be a really fun event, and two one-year subscriptions to New York Magazine, to boot.

So what’s the deal with this BBQ, you ask? Here are the details:

What: Highbrow BBQ
  • All you-can-eat food (yes, there will be plenty of food for vegetarians, otherwise I wouldn’t want to go, now would I!)
  • All-you can-drink beer for the 21+ set (so long as you provide proof of age)
  • A BBQ contest to be judged by CJ (click here for details)
Who: Former Top Chef contestant Chris "CJ" Jacobson (who happens to be one of my favorite Top Chef contestants) and a full-set performance by Islands (one of my current favorite indie rock bands)

When: Saturday, August 23rd, 1:00pm - 5:00pm. (Rain date August 24th, same time.)

Where: Solar One, East River waterfront at 23rd Street, Manhattan

How much
: Tickets are $25, but one of you will get a pair for free!

Is that it?
Nope, a 46 issue New York magazine subscription is included with each ticket.

Admission is all ages but ID will be required for drinking.

Even if you don’t win tickets, you should totally check this out – there will be great music, tons of free food and beer, a lovely location on the East River, CJ from Top Chef, and a free year of New York magazine. Not bad for $25, if you ask me.

To be entered to win the pair of tickets, leave a comment with:
  • Your first name
  • Your location
  • Your email address (in the format name at domain dot com, for example, mine would be raspberryeggplant at gmail dot com), and
  • Your favorite BBQ item (mine would be grilled corn with lime juice, ancho chili powder, and crumbled cotija cheese)

All comments must by posted by 10 pm (EST) on Thursday, August 14th; I'll email the winner by Friday morning. You must live in the NYC area to win these tickets, and please be over 21 – otherwise all the free beer will go to waste!

Good luck!


John said...

They are lucky - fee beer AND BBQ! But at least you'll be back down here for a bit.

Joanna said...

Oh oh oh how exciting -- I REALLY want to go to the BBQ but my friends are all cheap and I'm having trouble convincing them it will be worth $25. (You'd think the promise of free beer would be enough, but apparently not.) Here's my info!

Name: Joanna
Location: Manhattan
Email: joanna-dot-cohen-at-gmail-dot-com
Favorite BBQ Item: pulled pork! One of those things that takes hours and hours and equipment I don't have, so I really appreciate when it's done right by someone else. :)

Allan Roth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jean said...

Name: Jean
Location: Astoria, Queens
Favorite BBQ Item: Veggie Kebabs especially with marinated tofu

j said...

Name: Josh
Location: New Jersey
Favorite BBQ dish: I'm really into grilled desserts right now. last night I made grilled bananas on top of grilled pound cake rounds with creme anglaise and whipped creme. Yum!

kytte said...

Name: Kylah
Location: Midtown East, Manhattan
Email ktorrepccam at yahoo dot com
Favorite BBQ Item: I have visions of BBQ dancing in my head right now - and it all looks good - but I'm going to go with grilled fruit, like pineapple or peaches.

Ironfrank said...

Name: Frank
Location: Manhattan (Chelsea)
Email: ironfrank at gmail dot com
Favorite BBQ item: Burnt Ends at RUB on 23rd st.

It'd be amazing to watch the Islands while filling up on beer and bbq.

BarryO said...

yummynumber1 at gmail dot com

grilled corn on the cob with butter that has stuff like lime, garlic, and cilantro mashed into it :)

kristen said...

keewee10 at gmail
grilled pineapple - but word to the wise, it doesnt work as well on a george foreman... ha!

Anton said...

Name: Anton
Location: CT, but also NYC
Email: mapoy at fordham dot edu
Favorite BBQ: Beer battered Ribs

(if I win I'll send you the recipe, also works great with firm tofu!)

A-L said...

Name: Anne Louise
Location: Manhattan (Upper West Side)
Email: anne dot louise dot ennis at gmail dot com
Favorite BBQ item(s) - I'm sort of bending the rules here but I'm bad at limiting myself:
1) New Fave Experiment-- cedar-planked (spice rubbed) salmon (it's not that hard and makes one feel badass!)
2) Classic Standby-- grilled veggies tossed in olive oil and garden herbs
3) ACTUAL favorite (that does not involve a grill, thus is kind of a cop-out)-- fresh watermelon, or watermelon marinated in a bottle of vodka ;)

Ohhhhhhh but I just remembered sweet tea!! There's too many; it's just all so good!

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