Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Detox: Day 2

Day 2 (Tuesday) started out pretty good but ended with a whimper (from me). Here’s what I had:

Broccoli and arugula soup - photo from

  • 7 am: Pint of room temperature water with juice of half a lemon
  • 8 am: Mug of herbal tea
  • 10 am: Raspberry and rice milk smoothie made exactly according to the recipe on Goop (subbed raspberries for blueberries and rice milk for almond milk)
  • 12:30 pm: Salad of market greens, burpless cucumber, avocado, and carrot ginger dressing 
    • I ate this at 12:30 because I had meetings all afternoon and wouldn’t have been able to eat it at 1:30 as per annoying Gwyneth (although she does grant us permission to adjust times according to our schedules!)
    •  This was really good although I would have preferred a little more substance. I’ve actually made this ginger-carrot dressing before (for use with an Asian slaw with red and green cabbage, edamame, carrots, and lotus root) and I love it, so it made this salad deeelicious. The market greens were really tender and flavorful and the burpless cucumber (which cost an exorbitant $5/lb) was unbelievably crisp and also really flavorful. And who doesn’t love avocado!
  • 2 pm: 8 ounce glass of coconut water
  • 4 pm: Handful of pumpkin and sunflower seeds
  •  7 pm: Broccoli-arugula soup with young garlic and poached artichoke with lemon-young garlic vinaigrette
    • I’m not going to lie – I didn’t like either of these. The soup was ok, but nothing I would ever eat again, and the artichoke and vinaigrette both came out poorly because I was desperate to make something to go with the soup and, not being able to use things I would normally use (wine, mustard, mayonnaise, oh mayonnaise), I made a crappy vinaigrette and I also overcooked the artichokes. It was a pathetic dinner of green failure. OK, I shouldn’t be so harsh on the soup. It was ok. Definitely better than the terrible artichoke and vinaigrette.

Today’s menu is better, and I’m making something for dinner that I’ve made before (and really like). I have to omit a key ingredient – feta cheese – but I think it will still taste good.

What I’m struggling with the most is all the temptation around me – food smells when I walk by restaurants (namely pizzerias, and, lucky me, there’s one located right next to my subway stop near home and the one I get off at to go to work), photos on food blogs, and news of upcoming food events. I should probably just tune out of Twitter and Serious Eats, but then I would feel totally out of the loop until my return to normalcy next Monday, and I’m not ok with that. What’s keeping me sane (and on the wagon) is that Matt is doing this with me – I have to be accountable to him and I feel more reason to stay committed to this plan than if I were doing it alone.

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