Monday, May 17, 2010

Detox Week

Call me crazy (it's ok, I call myself that every now and then), but every couple of years I feel the need to do some strange detox type diet.  Four years ago it was raw foods for five days and I felt great, but for some reason when I gave it a second shot a couple of years ago, I turned into the crankiest person alive and I quit three days into it.

Beet, apple, and ginger juice - photo from

This year it's a detox diet that isn't quite as extreme as raw foods (so that I don't turn into Crankenstein like I did last time) - it's based on the diet from Gwyneth Paltrow's website and it isn't quite as restrictive as most detox diets are.  Most foods are allowed, save for dairy, wheat/gluten, refined grains (whole grains are ok), nightshades (woe is me - I love tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant!), refined sugars, fatty nuts, any processed foods (not that I eat many of those), and, obviously, alcohol and caffeine.  While most meals of the day are raw, there's one cooked meal each day, which I hope will make me feel not quite so deprived of "real" food.  There's a very strong emphasis on leafy greens, which we all know are great for our health, and I'm assuming that my imminent overdose on them will do my body good.

Broccoli, arugula, and basil soup - photo from
Matt has been kind enough to agree to join me in detoxification.  He asked me a valid question this afternoon - what compelled me to do this right now, and why this diet?  Quite honestly, I don't really have answers to those questions.  I'm not sure what compelled me, and the only reason I'm using this diet (albeit modified to be vegetarian) is that, during my wedding planning research last year, I came to learn that a number of people had done this diet and came out of it for the better (i.e., energized + a little weight loss).  I find Gwyneth Paltrow to be extremely annoying so it's rather amusing that I'm investing so much time and resources (and depriving myself of  my favorite food group, cheese) into this diet that was created for her by her doctor (supposedly).

I'll be posting all my recipes as I go along as well as my daily menus, and you can follow my mood swings on Twitter.  Hopefully next week at this time I will be a renewed woman!

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