Thursday, May 27, 2010

Drinking Brooklyn: Buttermilk Channel

Earlier this week, Matt and I had the pleasure of meeting Rob, founder and author of the new-ish blog Drinking Brooklyn, which is about exactly what you think it's about.

 The Fair Harbor at Buttermilk Channel - basically a dark and stormy with a splash of 
pomegranate molasses.  Photo from kaydeesquared on Flickr

Recently, he started a contest on Twitter through which the winning local blogger could meet him at their favorite Brooklyn bar and star in a brief video about what makes their selected bar a winner.  I was last week's winner and I suggested that we meet at Buttermilk Channel, the deservedly-hyped restaurant that's 15 minutes from our apartment.

Most people don't think of Buttermilk Channel as a drinking destination, but those of us who have been there know that their drink menu, while short, is excellent.  Every single cocktail I've had there has been exceptionally mixed, each flavor present but perfectly balanced in relation to the others.  If cocktails aren't your thing (and if that's the case then we can't be friends), they have excellent New York State beers on tap (including my favorite, Sixpoint), mostly-local bottled beers, and a wonderful selection of American wines by the glass.  Perhaps one could call their drink menu well-curated, but I wouldn't, just because I don't like that term.  I prefer to call it short and sweet.

The bar at the front of the restaurant is the perfect place to stop by after work before the restaurant gets packed (which it does, even on weeknights) and to sip a cocktail and perhaps order a nibble or two (hello hush puppies with green chile aioli).  The dining room never gets too loud (although that can't be said of weekend nights when the place is perpetually mobbed) and the vibe is laid back, friendly, and local.

Matt and I stayed for more than the one drink we had expected to have - Rob was just so personable and easy to talk to, and it turned out that we all got along swimmingly.  Wonderful drinks, atmosphere, and company - a winning combination.

Oh yeah - here's that video we made!

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