Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CSA Week 6

Vegetables: rainbow chard (2 bunches), kale, lettuce, fava beans, summer squash, kohlrabi
Fruit: 2 pints raspberries, 1 pint blackberries
Flowers: snapdragons

Here's what I'm making with it:
  • Rainbow chard paneer (like palak paneer, but with chard instead of spinach)
  • Carrot raita
  • Kale chips
  • Grilled fava beans with soy-lime dressing
  • Whole wheat penne with roasted squash, roasted spring garlic, roasted cherry tomatoes, peas (from last week's share), and basil (from my windowsill)
  • Salad with grilled tofu, blackberries, fennel, grilled string beans, kohlrabi, and miso-peach dressing
  • Raspberry-almond cake

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