Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CSA Week 18

Vegetables: 1 large head lettuce, 1 bunch arugula, 1/2 pound romano beans, 1 bunch tatsoi, 1 1/2 pounds globe zucchini, 1 large celery root (at least a half pound), 1 pint cherry tomatoes
Fruit: 2 pounds honeycrisp apples, 2.5 pounds macoun and jonagold apples

Here's what I'm making:
  • Buffalo tofu salad - lettuce, grape tomatoes, carrots, celery, blue cheese dressing, and buffalo tofu (cubes of tofu marinated in hot sauce and pan-fried) - this is one of my new favorite things! 
  • Celery root, apple, and parsley salad (this recipe minus the fennel)
  • Miso-glazed tatsoi with silken tofu
  • South Indian green beans (Matt loves this dish)
  • Quinoa-stuffed globe zucchini (and this one, too)
  • Linguini with arugula, lemon, capers, and pecorino
  • Steel cut oats with apples

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